A Hamburger Style Menu.
This menu style is often used for mobile optimisation of websites as it condenses the navigation down under a small ‘hamburger’ icon. More recently these types of menus are being implemented into desktop websites. The problem with this is user experience. The hamburger style is not something all users of your website will be used to seeing and therefore may make it difficult to navigate. Personally, I think it’s best if this feature sticks to the mobile version of your site.
Front Page Carousels.
Front page carousels add movement to your website. This increases visual interest and can reduce a clutter of information. These carousels are not all bad, they can be used to; inform, advertise, attract the eye and clean up the look of the site. However, there are some negatives to this trend in design. Here are a few small points to consider;

– They are not good for SEO

– They have negative impacts on performance and load time

– They push other content below the fold of the page

Parallax Scrolling
with this technique the background and foreground of a site scroll at different speeds. This can be a useful tool for design however it does have three downfalls for your site;

– Again it is bad for SEO

– Will reduce the speed and performance of the website

– Some users complain that this movement on the website can cause confusion and makes the page harder to look at.

Complex Load Screens
Avoid complex loading in screens or flash animations that have no real relevance to the site. Polls show that people will only wait for an average of 10 seconds on a website before clicking off if the content is not relevant to them. However id you load screen is interactive you may have a good chance of capturing audience attention.

The main point to take from this post is that whilst all these design trends can have a positive influence on your web page you must remember to use with caution as you don’t want to take away from the basics of your site.