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Here at Frog-Logic Web Design we create accessible web applications that ensure easy access for people with disabilities. Accessible websites allow disabled people to to use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to shop, pay bills, learn something new, or just have fun as individuals. Accessible Web applications have the following advantages:

  • They are usable by the widest possible audience.
  • They involve design principles that frequently benefit all users, not just those with disabilities.
  • They meet the requirements of many institutions that require all Web applications to be accessible.

Give your website the 3 step test for accessibilty today

  • Can you explore your website without using your mouse? Navigate around your site using the Tab key on the left of your keyboard. Each time you press the Tab key you select the next navigation button or hyperlink on the page. (Use the Shift key + the Tab key to go back to a previous link). When you are on the required button or hyperlink just press the Enter key to go to the new page.
  • Hold your mouse cursor over the images in your site. Do all your images have 'Alt tags'? The images and pictures on your website are stored separately to the text within an 'Alt tag'. Visually impaired users may not be able to see the images - but they still need to know what the picture was about.
  • Can you change the size of the text in your website? Does your site have proportional font sizes?  To check the your text size can be changed, select the View menu in your browser toolbar, from the drop-down list select Text Size and click on the Largest option.

If you have a UK website and you  provide information or marketing material to the general public you must make that service available to disabled users or you will be breaking the law. This is a requirement of the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) and recommended by the W3C/WAI guidelines. By understanding accessibility guidelines and how ASP.NET can help  meet those guidelines, we create applications that ensure easier interaction and a more pleasurable browsing experience for individuals that have disabilities.

link to http://www.ukonlinecentres.com/ - opens in new window link to http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/Employmentsupport/LookingForWork/DG_4000314 - opens in new window link to http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2005/en/us/default.aspx - opens in new window link to http://www.ediplc.com/ - opens in new window

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